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I am so Excited that I am a part of your project!

Please refer to this form if you have questions about you

How to contact Chris

Email : I try to get to all emails Asap. They will be answered in a timely manner. Please allow up to 24 hours  for response.

Phone Calls : If you need to have a non emergency phone call, Please click here to book,   You can book the next available time.


Please Note the following Fees :

Late Fee - 10% of unpaid amount.

Delay fee - 5% of your invoice

WIX Plans

You are responsible for purchasing and a maintaining your wix plan.

How to Upload your Content.

You will be uploading website content and material using Dropbox.

Images - PNG or JPG fomat

Music - MP3 Format

Files that need to be downloaded - PDF, DOC 

Text for website - DOC, TXT

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